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Turn your challenges into profit

From inventory management to customer acquisition, WagJag can help you solve your business' most annoying obstacles.

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How Does WagJag work?

WagJag provides end to end support

WagJag provides end to end solutions and support through our e-commerce platform, operations expertise, and marketing solutions.

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Canadians Love WagJag

Customers can’t get enough of WagJag

Customers love our Canadian brand. See who our customers are and how we reach them locally.

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About Us.

WagJag is an e-commerce company focused on smartly building awareness and excitement around your business. We work collaboratively to structure marketing campaigns to drive new customer acquisitions, re-trial & retention. We leverage your time, services, or product as your advertising budget to get foot traffic through your door.

Why WagJag?

WagJag is an expert at smartly building awareness and excitement around your business.
Collaboratively, we'll structure marketing campaigns to drive new customer acquisition, trial and retention.

No Upfront Cost

From inventory management to customer acquisition, WagJag can help you solve your business' most annoying obstacles.
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Custom Campaigns

Design a promotion of your choice to be marketed through our channels and promote your brand story with custom content creation.
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Measurable Returns

Our campaigns provide measurable results in the form of prepaid customers. We also provide insights after the campaign has closed to help you understand how it performed.
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Pre-Sell Capabilities

Presell popular inventory and obtain prepaid socially engaged customers, creating buzz and excitement in your market.
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Remnant Inventory & Non-Peak Selling

Strategically launch an offer to sell remaining inventory sales window closes. If you provide a service, improve yield management by filling capacity during non-peak times.
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Drive Volume & Awareness

Leverage our extensive print and digital network to drive sales and build awareness. Access over a million Canadian customers through our website and emails with an option to target special regions.
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How it Works

STEP 1. Create Customized Offer
Our account specialists work with you to customize the perfect offer to suit your needs and promote it through a multi-channel marketing campaign.

STEP 2. Target Potential Customers
Your offer is included in one of our daily emails and sent out to 1.55M active WagJag users that we determine would be most likely to purchase your offer.

STEP 3. WagJag Generates Sales
Every WagJag offer receives a custom profile, written for maximum customer engagement and tailored to highlight your company's key features.

STEP 4. Customers Redeem Offer
Customers buy through WagJag and redeem directly at your establishment. Specific deals can be tracked through our Merchant Centre, which is provided as a support tool to merchants.

STEP 5. Customers Experience Offer
New WagJag customers redeem and experience your company or product, filling in key need periods.

STEP 6. Gain Life-Long Customers
WagJag is passionate about and committed to delivering great experiences for our customers to help convert them to long-term patrons.

STEP 7. Receive Payment & Analytics
Receive timely payment and feedback on your campaign's performance in order to make results even more successful for any future deals you choose to run.

WagJag Case Studies

WagJag is the Canadian leader when it comes to amazing deals. Find a business like yours among the case studies below to see how we have helped merchants succeed across the country.

  • "Campaign results were quite strong when we moved towards the direct link offer for purchasing. All campaigns have run quite smoothly and have no concerns with future campaigns."

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  • "As there are really no commitments required to run a deal we are able to test markets in identifying opportunities and creating mutually beneficial successes for both parties."

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  • "I stopped dealing with all other group buying sites as soon as I saw the results WagJag brought for my business. I consider WagJag to be an extension of my business."

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  • "Working with WagJag Travel is so easy. The team is professional and works very hard to have us succeed. What we love the most is how measurable the response is when we go up."

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  • "With WagJag’s help we have seen a huge increase in web traffic on Readsave.ca where we provide magazine subscriptions for Canadians. In the future we know that WagJag will help us increase visitors to our site..."

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  • "We were very pleased that the WagJag promotion reached so many great new customers! Working with WagJag was easy, fast and they delivered the results that we hoped for."

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Our Customers

70% have children

Mostly Female

Over 35 years old

Proudly Canadian

Customer Testimonials

"I have found this wonderful website that offers deals on many various items that are unique and you can't always find in the stores, and the prices and discounts WagJag give are excellent"

- Jenny C.

"WagJag is a great way to check out services in an area of your choice for a great price."

- Cheryl M.

"The wide range of products offered. I've bought things from WagJag that I likely wouldn't otherwise purchased"

- Amy K.

"I like that there is something different in my inbox every day and it's so easy"

- Felix G.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Businesses

Want to gain brand exposure to impulse Canadian buyers?
If so, we have an array of media solutions for you.