Case Study: Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

Business Category: Hotel Accomodations
Location: Muskoka, Ontario
Size of Business: 40+ Year Round - 120+ In Season

Case Study:
Hidden Valley was bought out of receivership so they needed to battle a reputation from previous owners as well as update the brand and get the word out.

WagJag's travel team worked with the owners to present a comprehensive marketing plan that would help them market their new and upgraded product. Their first run on WagJag's travel vertical in 2011 produced 870 Room nights sold. In 2012, over 1,000 sales were generated and in 2013, just over 1200 rooms were sold.

Results: WagJag's travel vertical has become part of their marketing efforts and planned as such. Hidden Valley loves the fact they can see hits on their website when they are running a deal, and its campaign success is highly measurable which is one aspect they really appreciate.

“Working with WagJag's travel vertical is so easy. The team is professional and works very hard to have us succeed. Communications has always been excellent. What we love the most is how measurable the response is when we go up.”

- Jon Burnside, Owner of Hidden Valley Resort

  • "Campaign results were quite strong when we moved towards the direct link offer for purchasing. All campaigns have run quite smoothly and have no concerns with future campaigns."

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  • "As there are really no commitments required to run a deal we are able to test markets in identifying opportunities and creating mutually beneficial successes for both parties."

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  • "I stopped dealing with all other group buying sites as soon as I saw the results WagJag brought for my business. I consider WagJag to be an extension of my business."

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  • "With WagJag’s help we have seen a huge increase in web traffic on where we provide magazine subscriptions for Canadians. In the future we know that WagJag will help us increase visitors to our site..."

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  • "We were very pleased that the WagJag promotion reached so many great new customers! Working with WagJag was easy, fast and they delivered the results that we hoped for."

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